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English Poems By Nisar Masoom

English Poem and Poetry: This is the English poetry collection of Nisar Masoom which expresses the whole poetry book in a very heart touching words and feelings.  This great poetry book was publicized in 2015 by poemhunter.com. The book contains total 50 (Fifty) poem and all poems are very interesting and instructive.  Now come toward to present some poetry or poems of the poet.
We were close
Like a throne and rose
Every eventide we lay a beside each other
Never thinking here after ever
Even after all of this
I never got a chance to say
I love U
How I can find bliss
When you never a got a chance to say
Not permitting me to embrace all of you
Another poem of the Nisar Masoom
Whatever sin you commit
My mind will omit
Whatever chaos you create
My heart will never hate
Whichever possession you possess
I shall not get jealous
Whichever thing comes first
I shall never let you come first
So this is the two first and second poem of the book which easily read and decides that the book is really good and noble about English poetry. The book is specially uploaded for those who want English poetry book free and easy words. The poet of the use very simple words which every one familiar with all these words. The books once you start us all are sure you never aside this book before ending. The book is also design very attractive. So if you like this English poetry book than you can also gift this to you love also but please keep in mind the book soft copy you only gift. For hard copy please contact the original publisher or creator of the book.  So to download or read online this book please scroll down and find out the two links one is ( Down Book From Link A) and the other ( Down Book from Link B) . Both like are for downloading and reading online if one link is fail you may download from another mention link. Those who want suggestion about our blog please feel free and leave your suggestion. We highly appreciate those who give suggestion.  For upcoming book please like our face book page www.facebook.com/PK322 . We upload our all books on face book page also. Thank you to visit our blog.


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