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Islam In World Culture By R Micheal Feener: For many people in the United States, the dramatic and tragic events of and
following September 11, 2001, seem to have exploded into the world from
out of nowhere. Over the weeks and months that followed, a new awareness
of the roles of Islam in countries ranging from Afghanistan to the Philippines
began to emerge. However, in the process, phenomena that have only recently
come into mainstream American public consciousness via mass media
coverage are often presented there without the kind of background materials
that are helpful in analyzing and understanding such developments. Popular
media reportage can only go so far in providing contexts for understanding
current events in different societies around the world. The chapters in this
book attempt to provide a deeper grounding for discussions of contemporary
Muslim societies.
This short volume can provide only a critical selection of studies rather than
comprehensive coverage of all Muslim societies. Thus we have been unable to
include, for example, chapters on western Africa or eastern Europe. Nevertheless,
the in-depth explorations of the societies that are discussed here can serv e
as introductions to the complexities of contemporary Islam as it is lived by
Muslims in local as well as global contexts. In their discussions of race, language,
politics, and piety in diverse Muslim societies, these chapters bring to
light some of the most consequential issues affecting the interpretations of Islam
and the experiences of Muslims in the modern world. In this introduction
I will present an overview of Islam that highlights earlier historical developments
that have shaped the tradition for centuries and that continue to inform
debates and discussions in many Muslim societies today. So this book contain a wide rang information from all over the world of Muslim Culture.
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